Mustika Ratu Hair Care Series: Redefining Beauty with a Modern Touch

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GLOBALPR.LINK - Recognizing the ever-evolving trends and lifestyles of gen Z and millennials, Mustika Ratu, a pioneer in beauty and hair care in Indonesia, has unveiled a fresh new look for its flagship hair care series.

Instead of launching new products, the brand has opted for a contemporary visual makeover, giving its products a modern appeal that resonates with today's consumers.

The new packaging is designed to be more attractive and user-friendly, reflecting the company's understanding that today's consumers value convenience and time-saving solutions.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Mustika Ratu has also adopted reusable packaging for its hair care series.

The product formulas have also been upgraded, with the shampoo series now featuring a blend of the finest natural ingredients from Indonesia, encapsulated botanic fusion technology (ebion), vegan hyaluronic acid, and pH balanced formulation.

This results in a range of shampoos that effectively address various scalp and hair problems commonly faced by Indonesians.

The shampoo series consists of Bayam (Spinach), Merang (Rice Paddy Husk), Daun Waru (Hibiscus Leaf), Daun Landep (Barleria Leaf), and Teh Hijau (Green Tea) variants.

Combined with the Hair Oil Cem-ceman and Hair Tonic Ramuan Penyubur Rambut, Mustika Ratu Hair Care Series is a comprehensive solution that can effectively address up to 70% of hair problems, resulting in healthier, more fragrant hair.

Kusuma Ida Anjani, Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT), explains, "The repackaging and formula enhancements are not just about aesthetics, but also a response to the hair needs and problems faced by Gen Z and Millennials. Mustika Ratu is committed to being the best solution, providing products that not only meet beauty standards but also understand the uniqueness of each individual."

With a strong Gen Z and millennial influence, each product embodies a dynamic and fearless lifestyle, making healthy and beautiful hair an integral part of one's life journey.

Beyond meeting hair care needs, Mustika Ratu's repackaged hair care series is a companion for your modern beauty and lifestyle journey.

Mustika Ratu is more than just a beauty brand. As a pioneer in halal products in the Indonesian beauty industry, it is an Indonesian heritage that has proven its quality for decades.

With unwavering experience and dedication, Mustika Ratu continues to move forward, combining local wisdom with modern innovation.

Embracing the tagline #RambutSehatTanpaRibet (Healthy Hair Without Hassle), you can experience the magic of beauty with a strong natural touch.***(adv)




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